Porsche 924 Le Mans

- Production: 1030 to RoW including 100 for UK.
- Production date: July 1980 to August 1980.

- Factory order number: M426
- It was produced to celebrate the 6th, 12th and 13th place of the 924 Carerra GTs in Le Mans 1980.
- Only available in Europe.
- Also see 924 Switzerland II (M449)

- Painted in Alpine White with narrow yellow-black-red stripe around the whole car with "Le Mans" written on the front fenders.
- The numerals 924 were written on the door sills.
- Turbo rear spoiler.
- Four-stud 6J x 15 spider web alloy wheels with 205/60HR15 Pirelli P6 tyres.
- Removable sunroof.
- Rear wiper.  
- Passenger door mirror?
- Black interior.
- Black leatherette seats with black and white pinstripe fabric and white piping.
- 3 spoke leather steering wheel / 4 spoke steering wheel with a leather rim.
- Leather sleeve on the gear lever.
- Standard engine and Audi five-speed gear box.
- Anti-roll bars front and rear.
- Uprated shock absorbers by Koni.

Porsche 924 Le Mans without the passenger door mirror.

The interior is black with white pinstriping and piping on the seats.