Porsche 924 Sebring '79

- Production: 1292-1400 to US.
- Production date: December 1978 to February 1979.

- Factory order number: M429.
- Built to celebrate Porsche's victory in the World Championships of Makes,
  along with five other international and 25 national championships.
- The stripes and decals was also available in the "Zubehör" program.

- Painted in Guards Red.
- A colored pin stripe along the sides and back of the car.
- The numerals 924 were painted across the nose.
- The script "Sebring '79" on the front quarter panels.
- Black-centre 6Jx14 alloy wheels with 185/70HR14 tyres.
- Removable sunroof.
- Black-trimmed fog lights.
- Electric exterior mirrors on both sides.
- Black interior with black carpets.
- Door panels: black leatherette / red-blue tartan cloth (EN4).
- Black leatherette seats with center part in red-blue tartan cloth (EN3).
- Three-speaker stereo.
- Standard 110hp engine.
- Five-speed Getrag manual gearbox or the three-speed automatic transmission.
- Front and rear anti-roll bars.
- Some 848 were delivered with factory air conditioning (designated M573).
- The M471 option was for four-wheel disc brakes. The wheels were 6"x15" with 205/60 H15 tires, usually Pirelli P6s.
  The standard 924 M471 wheels were the 5-bolt versions of the spider-web type ATS cast wheels.

Front cover of a brochure showing the Sebring edition.

Photo showing the door sill decals.

The interior is black with blue and red inserts in the seats and doors.