Porsche 924 World Championship

- Production: 2000 to US, 1000 to RoW including 400 for W. Germany and 100 for UK.
- Production date: December 1976 to Mars 1977.

- Factory order number: M426.
- First limited edition of the 924, started selling in the spring of 1977.
- Also called "Championship Edition", "World Champion", "Weltmeister".
- Also called "924 Martini".
- It was produced to celebrate the world championship of makes and world championship of sports cars in 1976. These victories was made with the Martini & Rossi-sponsored 935 and 936 racing cars (Group 5 and Group 6 title).

- Painted in Grand Prix White.
- Tapering red and blue Martini racing stripe down the sides.
- White enameled 6Jx14 alloy wheels with 185/70HR14 tyres.
- Removable sunroof.
- Black interior with deep red pile carpets.
- Black leatherette seats with deep red fabric inlays, blue piping and Martini stripes on headrest.
- Leather-trimmed steering wheel.
- A commemorative plaque in front of the ashtray.
- Anti-roll bars at the front and rear.

And this is the US version of the Porsche 924 Martini.


The interior is black and red.

This is the plaque behind the ashtray.