Porsche 924 GTP

- Production: 1.
- Production date: 1981.


- Max power (bhp/rpm): 410/6500
- Max torque (nm/rpm): ?

- 924 car with heavily modified 944 engine and transaxle (Type 949).
- The existing 949 engines were sold to the Australian Porsche importer, Allan Hamilton.
  His 924 GTR, known as Spirit of Australia, was modified to take the engine and entered in a local racing series.
- In 1994 this car and its unique engine made its way back to Weissach, where it was overhauled.
  Subsequently its 16-valve engine was reunited with Eberhard Braun's original test mule chassis (924005)
  in America and painted with the Boss livery to resemble 924006.

- 944 engine with turbo and 16-valve cylinder head (engine type number was 949).
- It used one of the 1980 Lemans chassis, chassis number: 924006.

Race Notes
- Raced at LeMans 1981, 7th place.
- Norisring in July 1981: 510hp, 11th place.
- Diepholz Race of Champions 1981: 9th place