Porsche 924 Carrera GT Prototype

- Production: 3.
- Production date: 1979.

- Internal factory number: 937
- Three different turbo based prototypes.

- One was shown in September at the 1979 Frankfurt Show as a 'styling exercise'.
   - Normal engine hood without air intake.
   - Polished disc style wheels.
   - Red interior with red sports seats, no rear seats.
   - 4-point belts fixed to the rear shelf.

- Other variations on the theme was:
   - With snorkel air intake on hood.
   - Black fuchs.
   - 2 Part rear bumper.
   - Normal front seats, but still no rear seats.

- Another six final prototypes was created in 1980: Chassis numbers: 93BN700001-00006, Engine type: M31/50, Gearbox type: G31/03

The 1979 Frankfurt Show car.

The snorkel air intake is shown on this car.

Same car as the one above from a different angle.

Normal engine hood and black fuchs wheels.