Porsche 924 S Le Mans


- Production: 480 to Germany and RoW (See notes for detail).
- Production date: July 1987 to September 1987.

- Factory order number: M755.
- It was produced to celebrate Porsches 12th outright win in Le Mans.
- Production of black version: 200 to West Germany and 113 RoW (37 UK).
- Production of white version: 50 to West Germany and 117 to RoW (37 UK).

- Two different paintings were available:
   - Alpine White paint with Ochre/Grey detailing and grey/ochre striped flannel cloth with ochre piping.
   - Black paint with Turquoise detailing and grey/turquoise striped flannel cloth with turquoise piping.
- Special painted wheels, 6Jx15 at the front and 7Jx15 at the rear.
- Le Mans script on the doors.
- 944 type color coded side strips between the wheels.
- Lowered 10mm at the front and 15mm at the rear.
- Stiffer springs and gas-filled shock absorbers all round.
- Antiroll bars, 21.5mm at the front and 20mm at the rear.
- Sports seats.

- Some cars had the new front and rear spoiler like the 924 S Last '88 ?
- The wheel painting was optional (different paintings available) ?