Porsche 944 Turbo GTR

Specifications (1985-1988)
- Max power (hp/rpm): 525-600+

- Built in US by Al Holbert's Porsche Racing.
- First appeared in 1985 as the 944 GTR.
- Tubular space frame and lightweight bodywork.
- 2.5-liter engine fed by four straight ram pipes from a plenum chamber.
  This in turn was fed from a colossal intercooler, placed where a water radiator would normally be.
- Water cooling was provided by two smaller matrices flanking the intercooler and exhausting warm air into the wheelhouses.
- Five-speed Hewland transaxle.
- Driveshafts from a 928.
- See also the predecessor 924 Space Frame Chassis.

Race Notes
- In July 1987 a 944 Turbo GTR won the SCCA 100 mile Trans-Am event at Brainerd International Raceway.
- The car was prepared by Bruce Jenner Racing.
- Driven by: Elliott Forbes-Robinson.

Elliott Forbes-Robinson won the 1987 SCCA 100 mile Trans-Am at Brainerd