Porsche 944 Turbo Nelson Ledges

- The 924 and 944 did well in the the Nelson Ledges events.
  An american 24 hour race for showroom stock cars.

- In June 1981 a well-perepped 924 outlast a variety of rivals.

- In 1982 a normal aspirated 944, classified as a prototype, won the race driven by Gary Witzenburg.

- In 1983 Freddy Baker/Nikel/Witzenberg raced a pre-series prototype of the 944 Turbo.
- It crashed but finished 3rd after repairs but was finaly disqualified.

- In June 1984 John Busby/Rick Knoop/Freddy Baker won the race.
- Standard 944 Turbo with catalytic converter.
- Later at the 24-hours race at MidOhio the engine blew after six hours.

- In 1985 Freddy Baker/Paul Dickinson placed 2nd with a 944 Turbo.

Photo of the winning 944 Turbo in 1984.

Photo of the second placed 944 Turbo in 1985.