968 Successor

- The 968 was replaced by the new entry level Porsche Boxter (type 986) in 1996.

- AutoWeek 15 Sep 2003
FRANKFURT — Porsche AG — a name synonymous with high-priced, high-performance vehicles — is considering a downshift into more mainstream sedan segments for its next model range. The so-called fourth Porsche now under study by the German luxury sports-car maker likely will be positioned well below the company’s current range, CEO Wendelin Wiedeking disclosed at the Frankfurt auto show last week. “We are thinking about a fourth model range, and we have good ideas,” he said. “But if the car we have in mind comes to the market, we will have fewer friends than we have today,” he joked, a reference to the competition the car would pose to other automakers. Industry sources have said that Porsche has been studying a four-passenger coupe, code-named E2A, and a four-door sedan, code-named E2B.

Porsche Boxter prototype from 1993